Bye Aerospace collaboration with BRS Aerospace on Safety

At Airventure Gorge Bye announced together with BRS President Enrique Dillon a collaboration in the development of a ballistic parachute system and additional safety features for the eFlyer 2 which is on the way to be certified as the first part 23 electrical aircraft. BRS and Bye have been working together for years.

BRS Aerospace is the only whole aircraft rescue parachute system manufacturer who offers part 23 certified systems.
In the new BRS Aerospace strategy, occupant safety is an integral part of the overall technical and management processes associated with design, development and operation of new aircraft.

In order to improve the survivability rate of occupants BRS Aerospace proposes an integrated safety approach.

An innovative holistic concept to vehicle safety design defines the integrated safety strategy compounding pre‐crash sensing technologies, parachute ballistic recovery systems, landing gear‐airframe crashworthy structural concepts, high-energy absorbing seats, and advanced restraints.