Chinese eVTOL Startup Revealed 5-seat Design

The Chinese eVTOL startup TCab Tech revealed the design of E20 eVTOL. This is the first eVTOL design since the company was founded. TCab Tech stated that the eVTOL design aims at the airworthiness certification, and focuses on the passenger carrying use rather than logistics delivery.

The only image of the E20 eVTOL design released by TCab Tech

The design features of E20 include:

(1) Pure electric;

(2) tilt rotor with a total of 6 rotors 4 of which can be tilted for vertical takeoff and landing;

(3) A smart cockpit which can accommodate 1 pilot and 4 passengers.

TCab Tech was founded in Shanghai, China by several veterans in the traditional aviation and eVTOL fields. The founder and CEO Yon Huang presided over the eVTOL project of Terrafugia, a subsidiary of Geely Group. Before joining Terrafugia, he held managerial positions at Airbus in  China. Co-founder and CMO Jun Jiang served as senior vice president at Autoflight in Shanghai, and was deeply involved in the product management and market development of the unmanned cargo eVTOL and the planned passenger-carrying eVTOL developed by Autoflight.

We will update with more information about this project and other latest news of electric aviation in our “e Flight Journal” publication.

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