Elektra Trainer debut on historic ground @ Deutsches Museum München Germany

Elektra Trainer, the latest Aircraft from the German Company Elektra Solar, had the world debut for Media on April 1st in the “Flugwerft Oberschleißheim”  – the aviation department of the Deutsche Museum in Munich which is the leading technical Museum in Germany.  The two-seat electric trainer is designed by the Elektra Solar Founder Calin Gologan. “ We think due to its aerodynamic efficiency and low energy consumption the Elektra Trainer is the ideal trainer for basic aviation training as  even with the existing Battery technology which is not strong enough up to now to give an converted basic trainer, the necessary endurance we can fly is up to 2.5 Hours + reserve inside the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of the 600 kg MTOW allowed in the German UL-Class in which the first Version of the aircraft will be certified. Later a Part 22 certified motor glider and a Part 23 version are planned”, stated Gologan in the presentation  at the unveiling event where the Bavarian Government and many supporters of the Project were  present.

The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Dr. W. M. Heckl, the director general of the “Deutsches Museum”. Afterwards Gologan and his partners in the company  Prof. Gerd Hirzinger  (former Head of the DLR ( German National aviation Research center) Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics) and his  Co-CEO Konstantin Kondak reported on the founding and development of the company and its products and then unveiled the small yellow aircraft next to historical Airplanes like the Dornier D 31 VTOL airplane, the  Do 24 Seaplane and under the wings of another famous electric airplane from Germany the Solair 1 from the Munich designer Günter Rochelt which hangs under the roof of the principal hangar of the German Museum in the permanent exhibition.  More info about the event in the next PDF edition of the e-flight-Journal, more about the Elektra  Trainer here. or in the New Flügel Magazin (online and at the German News stand on April 15th)

If you want to see the aircraft yourself , come to the first appearance of the airplane at the show at the next e-flight-Expo @AERO which will take place in Friedrichshafen from April 27-30th 2022

Roland Bosch (Middle) head of AERO Friedrichshafen is looking forward to have the world Premiere of the Elektra Trainer in his E-Flight-Expo at the End of April together with the Elektra Solar CEOs Calin Gologan (left) and Konstantin Kondak (right)
Uwe Nortman, und Calin Gologan überreichen dem Leiter des Deutschen Museums Prof. Heckl in München einen Gutschein über den ersten Elektra one Prototypen der schon bald in der Ausstellung platz finden soll.

Gesicht einer neuen Aera