e-News at the AERO 2022 Media day

Michael K├╝gelgen of eMagicAircraft presenting his prototype to the media.

One day before the official opening of the first AERO Friedrichshafen since more than 2 years, several manufacturers featured their new developments on the AERO Media day. Most of the featured items are electric aircraft. The media tour was attended by over 60 Journalist from around the wold.

Matheu Parr of Rolls-Royce Electrical presenting a model of the Vertical Aerospace at E-flight-Expo @ Aero 2022

Electric fixed wing aircraft from Flight Design, Pipistrel ( Now part of Textron Aviation ) , Electra Solar, H55 as featured here.

Gregory Blatt from H55 infront of the BRM Energic

On their booth in the e-flight-expo hall 7, Rolls-Royce Electrical did show not only the H3PS hybrid-electrical research project, but also the drive train for the Vertical Aerospace eVTOL.

Two highlights did stick out: the eMagicOne eVTOL and the H2fly 4 seat fuel Cell aircraft definitely drew most of the journalists’ attention.

And there are many more electric aircraft and detail solutions to be seen at the exhibits of the 634 AERO Exhibitors.

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