NEX the fuel cell eVTOL

The Berlin-based startup NEX unveiled their 4-seat lift-and-cruise eVTOL at the Green Tech Festival in Berlin held at the former Berlin city airport Tegel airport which is now called “”Urban Tech Republic “.

The speciallyunique sales point of this eVTOL design is that the energy in cruise mode will not come from batteries but from a fuel cell. This shall give the air vehicle a range over 500 kilometers.

More detail tomorrow.

The 50% scaled prototype of the Nex eVTOL
Green Tech founders Marco Voigt and Nico Rosberg

Marco Voigt with the 2 Nex founders Johannes Garbino-Anton and Dr. Mohamed ATTIA
The Vision of the fuel cell-powered air taxi Nex over Berlin

The Green Tech Festival takes place now for the 15th time . The Founders,–the former Formular One champion Nico Rossberg and Marco Voigt–gathered more than 200 exhibitors in the former Lufthansa hangar from all different fields of e-mobility .

The car manufacturer Audi is present as well as DB–the German railways, Eon and many e-mobility companies.

More Info under Nex.AERO and in the next E-flight-Journal PDF Version.

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