Premier at the European Rotors show

eVTOL World Premiere at the first day of the European Rotors, Michael Kügelen showed his eMagic one for the first Time at the first day of the first edition of the EASA show.

The single seat eVTOL is a Proof of concept of a “lift and cruise” eVTOL. That means the aircraft has dedicated Motors for the vertical take off and for the c ruise flight. The full carbon aircraft was developed in a record time in onmly 2 years and has already have its maiden flights in wing mode as well as in eVTOL mode.

European Rotors VTOL show 2021 ramping up in cologne

EASAs first VTOL show is getting ready. The show will start tomorrow Tuesday November 16th. The show, organized by the EASA and the EHA – European Helicopter Association focuses on helicopters as well as on other VTOLs.

here are some images from ramping up.

Volocity in the latest design version
Yes also this is a flying machine on its way to its exhibition place
Fraundorfer technology demonstrator Gyro

Embraer Presented Sustainability Vision and New Aircraft Designs

On November 8 Embraer held a grand conference on sustainable aviation development planning. The President and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aircraft announced Embraer’s sustainable aviation plan and unveiled four matching aircraft design concepts.The overall goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

According to Embraer’s plan, in 2030 all models produced by Embraer can use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) reducing carbon emissions by 25% and helping the global transportation aviation industry to achieve full net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To this end, Embraer plans to take a two-step technological development path: First, in the short to medium term, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is the main development goal to use existing infrastructure and aircraft engines and avilable technology as much as possible. The long-term plan is to take hydrogen as the aviation fuel.

Accordingly Embraer tested the full-electric demonstrator this year, and plan to test the hydrogen fuel cell demonstrator in 2025, to fly the eVTOL prototype in 2026, and by 2030 Embraer plan to have existing models to be fully compatible with 100% SAF and plan to launch new turboprop models that are fully compatible with SAF. The new hydrogen turboprop model will be tested in 2045, and the new hydrogen line of aircraft will be launched in 2050.

Embraer has cooperated with Orlando Airport in the United States to build SAF supply facilities, and cooperated with a number of SAF companies to develop and industrialize SAF, and cooperated with engine supplier Pratt & Whitney to make the existing engines compatible with SAF.

Embraer believes that Embraer’s advantage over electric aviation startups is its mature and systematic research and development capabilities, and that its advantage over other OEMs is its cost structure and relatively more flexible corporate structure, especially in turboprop area.

Embraer will not only pay attention to urban air mobility (UAM) and eVTOL, but also will attache great importance to the development of regional air mobility (RAM). Embraer believe that RAM can make full use of the existing infrastructure, and the new aircraft models developed by Embraer will be suitable for RAM use case.

ENERGIA HYBRID: Technology Readiness – 2030
Range – 500 nm
Seats – 9 pax
Noise – 60% lower External Noise
Technology Readiness – 2035
Range – 200 nm
Seats – 9 pax
Emissions – Zero CO2
Noise – 80% lower External Noise
Technology Readiness – 2035
Range – 200nm
Seats – 19 pax
Emissions – Zero CO2
Noise – 70% lower External Noise
Technology Readiness – 2040
Range – 350 – 500nm
Seats – 35-50 pax
Emissions – Zero CO2
Noise – 60% lower External Noise

Hyundai Name UAM Division in the US

On November 9 Hyundai Motor Group announced the name of its urban air mobility (UAM) division: Supernal. The UAM division is based in Washington DC, US and is headed by  Jaiwon Shin, the former NASA deputy adminstrator.

Hyundai Motor Group stepped into the eVTOL and UAM arena in 2019 when it set up the UAM division and unveiled its first eVTOL concept vehicle S-A1 at the CES in 2019, and became an OEM partner with Uber Elevate.

Hyundai Motor Group target 2028 for the launch of its UAM service. At Supernal website it states that Hyundai will focus on four elements in their eVTOL and UAM development: safety, noise, affordability and “people first”.

The video presentation of Supernal’s vision:

Supernal website:

Xpeng unveiled eVTOL Flying Car

Today at the Xpeng Technology Day, Mr.He Xiaopeng the chairman and CEO of Xpeng Auto, one of the leading Chinese electric car manufacturer, presented an eVTOL flying car design. This concept can take off and land vertically as well as can drive on the road, aka a true “flying car”.

Xpeng’s aviation subsidiary HT Aero, which Xpeng acquired last year, will be in charge of this flying car development.

The design will have two folding rotors with both collective and cyclic controls. in road mode the flying car will be 4.98m long and 2m wide while in flight mode it will be 12.2m long and 7m wide. The flying car will have near 1.9 ton maximum takeoff and landing weight.

Xpeng target 2024 for mass production and 100 million RMB price tag (156.6k USD)


French startup Aura Aero signed up 200 electric regional aircraft order with Amedeo

Aura Aero and Amedeo formed a strategic partnership agreement and a letter of intent for 200 19-seat electric regional aircraft called “ERA” that Aura Aero is developing as a clean sheet design.

Gabriella Lapidus, Chief Commercial Officer at Amedeo, said, “We are very pleased to be partnered with AURA AERO in leading such an important climate supporting initiative for the future. For Amedeo, sustainable aviation is more than aspirational and we are committed and focused on partnerships in sustainable aviation that will define the next three decades in aerospace. We have seen various concepts showcased in the market and AURA AERO has an edge with the skillset, talent and design that we stand behind. Their prototype, INTEGRAL, is the first stepping stone to a larger electrical regional aircraft.” 

AURA AERO is based in Toulouse at the heart of the aeronautic hub. It is a three-year-old startup developing design and manufacturing processes for fully digital electrical aircraft, initially starting with 19 pax and a cargo version, while already flying an aerobatic capable training aircraft that will go electrical in 2022, becoming the trainer of choice for airline flight schools and military ab-initio and advanced programs.

Amedeo is a global leading aircraft Asset Manager and principal investor in aircraft leasing. The team has more than 140 years of combined experience managing an extensive portfolio of aircraft on behalf of various investors. Amedeo has financed a wide spectrum of aircraft types with long-term relationships with OEMs, airlines and financiers. The Managament team has a proven track record of successfully spearheading new technologies across various assett classes.

HT AERO receives 500 million US $ in round A

The Chinese eVTOL startup Huitian Aerotech. annouced that they successfully completed over $500 million USD series A financing with over $ 1billions valuation led by IDG, Xpeng Motor, 5Y Capital and joined by Sequioa, GGV, GL Ventures, Eastern Bell Capital & YF Capital. This is the largest investment in eVTOL and electric aviation in general in Asia so as of today.

Huitian was acquired by the Chinese electric car company Xpeng Motors and the founder of Xpeng Motors himself Mr.He Xiaopeng in 2020. Xpeng Motors is one of the largest and one of the most promising electric car companies in China. Xpeng Motors is listed at NASDAQ and has a market cap of about 35 billions USD.

Huitian have been developing eVTOL for several years and have test flown several models of single-seat and two-seat eVTOL. Their latest eVTOL product is X2 two-seat as shown here