Rolls Royce to supply propulsion system for Vertical

Today Rolls Royce electrical announced that they will supply the propulsion and lift system for Vertical Aerospace’s VX-4X eVTOL.

Vertical Aerospace’s VA-X4 about to fly with Rolls Royce propulsion system

Rolls-Royce will design the system architecture of the whole electrical propulsion system, the electric power system that includes their latest 100kW-class lift and push electrical propulsion units, the power distribution and the monitoring system that will support operations.

More info at Rolls Royce here & at Vertical Aerospace here and more in the next e-flight-journal magazine

New e-flight-Journal is out

The new issue of the e-flight Journal is out with some very interesting stories:

3 • Editorial:

Is the hype in market capital good for
electric aviation? an Analyse from Xin Guo
(click to read more )

8 • eNews around the world
14 • Joby Acquired Uber Elevate
16 • 3. e-flight forum China, online
21 • Tecnam P-Volt Electric Commuter
23 • VoltAero’s Cassio electric commuter
26 • Hydrogen Aviation on the Horizon
30 • Alpha Electro
36 • Velis Electro
38 • Interview with Tine Tomažič
42 • RX1E-A
48 • Spark Solo, a touring motor-glider?
54 • Power generator for e-VTOLS
56 • 2. e-flight garden talk: D3
60 • World Overview: eVTOLs

New design from BetaTechnologies called Alia

The startup from South Burlington, Vermont, USA
( presented this prototype earlier this month. The aircraft looks a bit like a cross bread between a conventional helicopter, a fixed wing aircraft and some other existing lift and cruise designs.

They did fly their first eVTOL Prototype in 2018 based on a modified Fixed Wing Aircraft.

More info at and at the -China 2020- with Presenters from the leading companies and authorities world wide like Pipistrel, Volocopter, Joby and Rolls Royce.

Electric aircraft at the expo at the anniversary of German unification in Potsdam

Rolls-Royce Electrical it’s record winning electric Extra 300 at this years EXPO at the anniversary of German unification in Potsdam. Rolls-Royce Germany located in Brandenburg highlight the electric aircraft propulsion development as core part of it’s future strategy.

Brandenburgs prime minister Dietmar Woidke (left) and Rolls Royce Managing Director Alastair McIntosh (right) on the prop of the e-Extra 300 at the opening of the expo in Potsdam.

EASA announces MOC / SC VTOL & European Rotors Show

With a digital conference EASA wants to highlight the SC VTOL topic from the EUROPEAN ROTORS show in November 2020 in Cologne. David Solar – EASA’s head of the VTOL department exlaines latest updates on new regulations for eVTOLs and the evolution of the EASA #Rotorcraft symposium to the #europeanrotors event in Cologne. #flightsafety#easa

Panel including:

  • Willi Tacke e-flight Journal
  • David Solar, EASA
  • Peter Möller, EHA
  • Jan-Hendrik Boelens, Volocopter
  • Frédéric Bruder, ADAC Luftrettung
  • Tobias Bretzel, Messe Friedrichshafen (organizer EUROPEAN ROTORS)

The Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium of EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) gathers the industry to promote safety and to receive updates on new technologies and regulations. This year´s symposium will take place as a part of EUROPEAN ROTORS.

The new e-flight-Journal is out

No AERO, no Oshkosh, no Blois: the new e-flight-Journal not only gives an overview on what is going on in the scene but also created a new opportunity to get direct information from the leaders of the scene manufacturers as well as suppliers and authorities.

Cover of the new e-flight-Journal with the first EASA certified electric plane Pipistrel Velis

AERO 2020 Online Panel Discussions now on web side

AERO 2020 was canceled due to the corona virus, but the conferences of the e-flight-expo which has been a highlight of the conference program in the last 10 years has been realized as online panel discussions.

eOPD 2020 on Urban Air Trafic management

The e-online panel discussion (eOPD) with participants from leading companies around the world like Airbus, Rolls Royce, Uber and Volocopter has meen realized as zoom online conferences. The first panels were started on April 1, 2020, exactly at the same time that the real AERO Friedrichshafen would have started.

4-5 participants gave a short presentation in each panel, followed by a discussion with the participants. Each panel lasts approximately 50-60 minutes. More on

JOEBen Bevrit keynote VFS Symposium

Joby Aviation founder and CEO JoeBen Bevrit presented interesting details of his company at the Transformative Vertical Flight 2020 dinner. More info inside the new e-flight-Journal.pdf file in an Interview of Willi Tacke with JoeBen Bevrit.

Geoffrey jeram (AIAA VSTOL TC chair) handing the price to Justin Paines, Chief Test Pilot @ Joby Aviation together with JoeBen-Bevrit and VFS director Mike Hirschber From left to right