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AutoFight Reveal V1500M four-seat eVTOL Prototype at Airshow China 2021 in Zhuhai

On September 28th Shanghai-based AutoFlight Aviation Technology unveiled V1500M passenger-carrying electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) prototype at the 13th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, China. With maximum takeoff weight of 1500kg V1500M is fully electric and has 4 seat, 200km/h cruising speed and 250km range. V1500M has 8 propellers for vertical takeoff and landing, and two propellers dedicated for cruise. AutoFlight plans to conduct maiden flight of V1500M in the near future and is already producing and operating the V400 unmanned cargo drone (with 400kg maximum takeoff weight) in China under CAAC (the Chinese civil aviation authority ) regulations.  

More Info to be announced soon or under:  josef@autoflight.com or press@autoflight.com

Blois is back – electric is coming.

After 1 year pause the Blois Ultralight meeting is Back on track.

The largest pure ultralight show in Europe. The show which after 39 years ruining was paused in 2020 for the first time was taken over by the french Ultralight Association FFPLUM with over 120 exhibitors. Hundrets of pilots arrived by their own UL-aircraft and after 2 years waiting the exhibitors have many things to show.

The electric Swan propeller by a Geiger electric motor is propelling the

single seater swan from Romania.

Most exhibitors still show conventional aircraft with combustion engines. Because the French Ultralight regulations have a maximum Take off weight (MTOW) of 525 Kg instead of the 600 Kg in Germany CZ Republic and other countries. Due to the weight of the batteries this does not allow two seater UL aircraft with electric propulsion a sufficient endurance.

But there are some new players coming and showing their aircraft. And in the opening ceremony with several regional and national politicians everybody stated the importance of electric aviation for reducing the ecological footprint.

…Report will be continues

But the number of electric exhibitors is increasing

Eviation changes design and DHL buys 12 Alice e-aircraft

Deutsche Post / DHL announced today that they will buy 12 fully electric aircraft from Israeli /US manufacturer Eviation. Eviation did announce a design change of the aircraft earlier this month. Other than the first version with three motor released at Paris Airshow in 2019, the new Alice now has 2 motors at the end of the aircraft .

The new design of Alice 2 motors on the tail

The two props on the wingtips and the rear one of the first design ( pushers) were replaced by 2 pull motors on the tail.

Eviation CEO and founder Omer Bar-Yohay confirmed with e-flight-journal the design change which will make certification easier. More details coming soon in the next e-flight-journal

New World Directory of Light 3 Languages 300 pages over 1000 aircraft

World Directory of Light Aviation 2021/22 New edition – The New World Directory of Light Aviation is available now. More than 1000 Aircraft in different classes with description, images and tech data. Featuring the latest developments like eVTOL and other electric Aircraft as well as an overview on propulsion systems from combustion engines over turbines to electric and Hybrid systems.

You find ultralights, microlights, LSA, gyrocopter, ul-helicopters, certified aircraft, kitplanes, trikes, ultralight and certified gliders & motor-gliders, instruments, engines, propellers and accessories. It also includes: addresses of manufacturers, importers, associations, schools and much more.

Available in English. French and German as printed paper Version or PDF download.

Press here to learn more:

UPS wants to use eVTOL air taxis for transport in their fleet.

The american logistic company UPS announced toevaluate to:

  • Beta Technologies’ electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft to land on-property at UPS facilities in small and mid-size markets.
  • Enhances UPS network flexibility, benefits healthcare providers and small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Flexible, sustainable solution to reduce air network emissions; recharging station can also be used with electric-powered ground vehicles.

UPS, together with its UPS Flight Forward subsidiary, plans to purchase electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft from Beta Technologies (BETA) to augment its air service for select small and mid-size markets. These aircraft will take off and land on-property at UPS facilities in a whisper-quiet fashion, reducing time-in-transit, vehicle emissions, and operating cost.

This new step integrates into UPS strategy with UPS Flight Forward (UPS FF)to establish new airborne distribution channels – UPS FF received a full part 135certification by FAA which allows them to operate out of line of site and operate as a “drone airline” .

Read more at the UPS webside. (

Lilium plans to go IPO @ Nasdaq through merger

Lilium announces to list on Nasdaq through a merger with the US Qell Acquisition Corp.

Today Lilium announces intention to list on the Nasdaq through a
SPAC merger with Qell Acquisition Corp., and reveals development
of its 7-Seater eVTOL model.

Transaction values the combined company at approximately $3.3 billion pro forma at the $10.00 per share PIPE price. Total gross proceeds to the company are expected to be approximately $830 million, including approximately $380 million in cash currently held in trust (assuming minimal redemptions) and the proceeds of a $450 million PIPE investment, including investments by Baillie Gifford, funds and accounts managed by BlackRock, Tencent,Ferrovial, LGT and its direct impact investing arm Lightrock, Palantir, FII Institute and private funds affiliated with PIMCO.

More info here

Rolls Royce to supply propulsion system for Vertical

Today Rolls Royce electrical announced that they will supply the propulsion and lift system for Vertical Aerospace’s VX-4X eVTOL.

Vertical Aerospace’s VA-X4 about to fly with Rolls Royce propulsion system

Rolls-Royce will design the system architecture of the whole electrical propulsion system, the electric power system that includes their latest 100kW-class lift and push electrical propulsion units, the power distribution and the monitoring system that will support operations.

More info at Rolls Royce here & at Vertical Aerospace here and more in the next e-flight-journal magazine

New e-flight-Journal is out

The new issue of the e-flight Journal is out with some very interesting stories:

3 • Editorial:

Is the hype in market capital good for
electric aviation? an Analyse from Xin Guo
(click to read more )

8 • eNews around the world
14 • Joby Acquired Uber Elevate
16 • 3. e-flight forum China, online
21 • Tecnam P-Volt Electric Commuter
23 • VoltAero’s Cassio electric commuter
26 • Hydrogen Aviation on the Horizon
30 • Alpha Electro
36 • Velis Electro
38 • Interview with Tine Tomažič
42 • RX1E-A
48 • Spark Solo, a touring motor-glider?
54 • Power generator for e-VTOLS
56 • 2. e-flight garden talk: D3
60 • World Overview: eVTOLs

New design from BetaTechnologies called Alia

The startup from South Burlington, Vermont, USA
(www.beta.team) presented this prototype earlier this month. The aircraft looks a bit like a cross bread between a conventional helicopter, a fixed wing aircraft and some other existing lift and cruise designs.

They did fly their first eVTOL Prototype in 2018 based on a modified Fixed Wing Aircraft.

More info at https://www.wired.com/story/new-air-taxi-design-cues-far-flying-bird/ and at the e-flight-forum.com -China 2020- with Presenters from the leading companies and authorities world wide like Pipistrel, Volocopter, Joby and Rolls Royce.