Autofilght eVTOL Flew Over 250km

The Chinese eVTOL startup Autofilght claimed today that their 5-seat eVTOL prototype “Prosperity” flew 250.3km in one charge on 23 Feburary 2023 near Shanghai, breaking the previous distance record of eVTOL with over 2 metric ton maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) set by Joby’s S4 eVTOL prototype last year. In the flight video released by Autoflight, the eVTOL took off vertically, transited to horizontally cruise flight and then landed vertically.

The record-setting prototype is the 4th prototype of “Prosperity” with lift+cruise configuration, five seats (one pilot+four passengers), fully electric powered. It changed back to two pusher propellors on the tail for cruise from the single pusher unit in last prototype.

The new “Prosperity” prototype’s industrial design is directed by the famous designer Frank Stephenson who also happens to design the US eVTOL company Archer’s Maker two-seat demonstrator

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