HT Aero’s Two-seat Roadable eVTOL Flying Car Design Demonstrator Flew

At the Technology Day event of Xpeng Autos, one of the leading Chinese electric car manufacturers, the CEO of Xpeng Autos who is also the major shareholder of its aviation subsidy HT Aero, unveiled the final design of their roadable eVTOL flying car and the video of the first flight of the demonstrator.

The final design is a flying car with a multicopter eVTOL lift component on the roof. The multicopter lift component has eight folding propellors with 3.5 meter diameter.

the first conceptual design released by Xpeng Autos last year, quite different from the latest flying demonstrator

The full-size demonstrator has a gross weight of 1936kg, two-seat, driving range in “a few hundreds km”, flight range in “dozens km”. According to Xpeng’s CEO, they plans to show a full-size prototype next year.