Oshkosh Airventure ramping up – VFS – EAS has taken off

2 days to go for the world’s largest Aviation event, Airventure Oshkosh to start Exhibitors getting into their show booths. Several electric aircraft and eVTOL manufacturers are expected. But conventional Aircraft will still be the major Focus of this event.

Diamond DA 50 on the way to the Diamond exhibit.

Panel: Community Integration – with: Yolanka Wulff Cami , Rex Alexander 5 Alpha, Starr Ginn NASA, Grant Fisk Volatus

At the same time the VFS Electric Aircraft Symposium (EAS) in the University of Wisconsin has started at Saturday morning .

Speakers of world leading companies like Joby, Archer, Beta, Wisk , Skydrive, Rolls Royce etc as well as NASA.

The EAS continues until Sunday 5:30 PM – you may also join online – more info at –https://vtol.org/eas.

Mike Romanowski from Archer talking at EAS on the progress of their eVTOL

^Sebastian Seemann from Vaeridion presenting at EAS in Oshkosh.
Mark Moore, CEO, of Whisper Aero presented their new e-ducted propulsion system.

One  week of interesting news at Paris airshow comes to an end. Strong raise of electric aircraft in 2023.

Next to the big electric highlights of the show like the debut of the Autoflight Prosperity, the Voltaero Cassio 330, and the Archer Midnight there were many new sustainable projects in the halls and on the airfield. Have a first look at our images and read more in our next e-flight-Journal – coming soon.

The Elektra Trainer is the first ultralight electric aircraft which is UL certified in Germany and qualifies with lower weight also for the French ultralight class. The aircraft was presented at the Booth of the French Ultralight Association FFPLUM – www.elektra-solar.com.
The hybrid research project ECOPULSE is a cooperation of Daher, Airbus and Safran and several French institutions. The aircraft has been flying on its conventional Turbine and will be propulsed by its electric motors this summer for the first time.
Willi Tacke, editor of Flying Pages, together with Jean Botti in front of the the Cassio 330 which did make its world debut at the Paris airshow this week. The aircraft is driven from a Hybrid motor based on a Kawasaki thermal engine and a Safran electric motor. The Kawasaki Motor can also directly burn Hydrogen and the Voltaero presented a special tank for liquid hydrogene.


Sustainable but not electric

Paris Airshow before the start a thunderstorm and many news

A Thunderstorm came on the day before the show opening tomorrow Monday June 19th. and left some damage at some booth.

some booth were damaged

Good secured aircraft like Autoflight`s Prosperity survived the storm and is ready at Chalet #100 ready for the visitors.

We had the chance on Sunday June 18th to have a sneak preview of the first prototype of the Autoflight Prosperity at its first appearance in Europe on Le Bourget airfield.

The men behind the success (from left to right) Bülent Bayram, Lukasz Gadowski (Team Global) and Tian Yu (founder and CEO of Autoflight). 

Stay tuned for more news from Paris as the show goes on!

Hybrid e-flight-forum 2022 in Kushan China started together with world wide live stream

Olaf Otto Program Director at Rolls Royce electrical at the opening ceremony of the eFF 2022

After opening the eFF the Forum started with some Chinese only sessions. in the European night. The first sessions International sessions with simultaneous translation will start at 8 :30 CET time – you can wach at


More info to follow.

e-flight-forum 2022 ramping up.

The yearly e-flight-Forum will start tomorrow as an Hybrid event with a real session in Kushan (Shanghai Region) at 9 am China (Beijing time = 2 am CET) with the Chinese sessions.

The international sessions will start at 8:30 CET with speakers from around the world in a Zoom Session which is connected with the real session in China via large screen. You can watch for free in a you tube life stream under .


All sessions will be recorded and available over the web side later.

More info here on e-flight-Journal tomorrow and later in the next issue of the PDF journal.

First AAM Forum started in Oberpfaffenhofen, Bavaria, Garmany

Florian Hermann Bavarian Minister of state opened the first AAM Forum in Oberpfaffenhofen. With many international players like Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Autoflight as well as leading Universities like TU Munich.

AAM Forum BavAIRia

More images later today

Jocelyn Moreau, AutoFlight at BavAIRia AAM Forum
Autoflight Europe booth at the AAM Forum in Spain
Elektra Trainer German UL certification expected soon.
Dr Burkhard Wiggert of DLR presenting at AAM Forum 2022
AAM Forum Visit at the next door facilities of Lilium next door.
Dr. Qinyin Zhang, Rolls-Royce @ BavAIRia AAM Forum