Pie Aeronefs- The Magpie on approach for AERO 2023

Willi Tacke editor of e-flight-Journal together with Pie Aeronefs ceo Marc Umbricht.

Yesterday Willi Tacke,the Founder of e-flight-Journal, visited Pie Aeronefs in the little Village La Sarraz in French Switzerland near Lausanne. The company founded by Marc Umbricht in 2019 is about to develop several electric aircraft from the scratch.

Electric Raceplane UR-1

The First will be the UR 1 a single seated electric aircraft supposed to be flying in the Air Race E.

“This Aircraft will be our Proof of concept for many details and – if all goes well, it will also be our first product sold as Kit, “stated Marc in the interview. It is planned to show the prototype at the AERO 2023.

  • The second aircraft that the company will release is the UG-2 Bullfinch which is supposed to take off in 2024. The UG-2 Bouvreuil is a 2 seat Kitplane which promises performance like a cessna 152 with a range up to 500 NM purely on battery power.

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Boeing and Wisk Unveil Concept of Operations for Urban Air Mobility

ARLINGTON, Va. – Boeing and its joint venture partner Wisk today released a roadmap for transitioning to a future where automated and uncrewed aircraft can safely carry passengers and cargo in urban and suburban areas. The concept of operations lays out the technology, regulatory and social recommendations needed to deploy Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in the United States and integrate it into the national airspace system.

“We’re working to enable a future of aerospace that is safe, sustainable and at scale. Uncrewed operations will be fundamental to realizing that vision, and we have to exceed the current safety standards for the air transportation system,” said Brian Yutko, Boeing Vice President .

More at: https://wisk.aero/news/press-release/uam-conops/

Elerctrifly-In Bern 2022 Success & perhaps new ambitions for record-setting pilots

Record-setting pilot Bertrand Piccrad in the Cockpit of the eMagic at the electrifly-in- Bern on 11.09.2022 “I would really like to fly it ASAP. ” he said
And Piccrad (right) together with the eMagic developer Michael Kügelgen and the German record-setting pilot Klaus Ohlmann (sitting) who holds more than 20 world records of gliders and electric Aircraft

The 6th Swiss Electrifly-In – which for the first time took place at the airport Bern– was a full success. Interesting electric aircraft, new electric and e-flight-projects and very interested visitors. The organizers around Sandra Dubach have done a great work with an easy access for the public and with the symposium, and the organisation of the Challenge.

So the exhibitors who came were satisfied and hope that in the show in upcoming years there will be even more projects from Europe and specially from Swiss as even some well known swiss projects did not find their way to this great event in the swiss capital.

“Some interesting Meetings and efficient networking options,” said Tobias Bretzel, Head of the AERO Fair Friedrichshafen who, like Flying Pages, is one of the partners of the swiss event.

One of the Meetings between record-setting pilot Klaus Ohlman the “around the word flyer” Bertrand Piccrad and the German eVTOL Designer Michael Kügelgen. Bothe wanted to know when they can fly around the world with the single seater eVTOL, and if there is a chance for record flights in the new eVTOL class. Both altready tried out the cockpit.

Klaus Ohlmann trying out the eMagic cockpit.

More Info. of some of the projects here on e-flight-Journal in the next days.

eVTOL & eSTOL in Oshkosh

At this years Airventure Oshkosh eVTOL was not the focus but the Opener Blackfly made its first flight in front of a big crowd at the Wednesday night Airshow and several other new designs were shown in different stages.

More images and background info from Oshkosh 2022 later and in the next issue of e-flight-journal – the magazin.

Blackfly taking off right after the F 33

Electric Aircraft Symposium 2022 started in Oshkosh

The 16th Electric Aircraft Symposium hosted by the Vertical Flights Society started in Oshkosh Wisconsin, the US, with top presenters from around the world.

Director Yolanka Wulf opening the EAS in Oshkosh

Earl Lawrence, the former director of Certifications at FAA presenting as Chief Compliance and Quality Officer of Xwing presenting on their automated Cargo operations.

Willi Tacke of Flying Pages giving an update on the electric aircraft situation in Europe and China at the EAS in Oshkosh
Mark Henning, the managing director of Autoflight Europe introducing the latest developements of the Autoflight Prosperity 1 and 2 prototypes

See more later here. You can get the program at VFS-EAS . You also can still join the conference online.

NEX the fuel cell eVTOL

The Berlin-based startup NEX unveiled their 4-seat lift-and-cruise eVTOL at the Green Tech Festival in Berlin held at the former Berlin city airport Tegel airport which is now called “”Urban Tech Republic “.

The speciallyunique sales point of this eVTOL design is that the energy in cruise mode will not come from batteries but from a fuel cell. This shall give the air vehicle a range over 500 kilometers.

More detail tomorrow.

The 50% scaled prototype of the Nex eVTOL
Green Tech founders Marco Voigt and Nico Rosberg

Marco Voigt with the 2 Nex founders Johannes Garbino-Anton and Dr. Mohamed ATTIA
The Vision of the fuel cell-powered air taxi Nex over Berlin

The Green Tech Festival takes place now for the 15th time . The Founders,–the former Formular One champion Nico Rossberg and Marco Voigt–gathered more than 200 exhibitors in the former Lufthansa hangar from all different fields of e-mobility .

The car manufacturer Audi is present as well as DB–the German railways, Eon and many e-mobility companies.

More Info under Nex.AERO and in the next E-flight-Journal PDF Version.